Because of the stealthy change in the electronic dance music, Dennis SecLane was also interested in House-music gradually. During his activity as a DJ and producer Dennis SecLane was surrounded constantly by like-minded people. Thus he got to know the House-music extensively. There's more to it than that. He concentrated on House-music very much and that’s why, he presented his own sound as DJ and producer a a little bit later. At the beginning of 2009 the first remix publication was released. Thus Dennis SecLane also had reached the basic conditions for his musical doings. Since then, he spent in his music studio a lot of time and so his first single (Housemusic will never die; Freak Noise Records) was born in the same year, too. Dennis SecLane got many gigs because of this first single in different discos again! Since then, Dennis Seclane works furthermore as a DJ and music produzent.


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