At the tender age of 14 years, he deposited the basis needs for his musical doings as Mellow Reflector and he always was inspired by the tracks of his musical models and that’s why, Mellow Reflector started producing some remixes of it. Producing succeed with his former possibilities very well and Mellow Reflector also created own tracks. So he collected much experiences and that’s why, he changed the producing equipment for more better sound. Since then, Mellow Reflector worked as official music producer. He also reached a second class place in the real music business and scored good places in some dj charts. With his first single (Don´t talk to me [Freak Noise Records]) Mellow Reflector sold the first tracks on global stages (like iTunes, MusicLoad, et cetera). Since that time, Mellow Reflector is a active producer and dj and he stay it, yet.


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